DNA Immigration Testing in Netherlands

UK Home Office approved immigration testingIf you have relatives living in the UK you may be allowed to stay if you can prove that they are biologically related to you.

We have DNA sample collection facillities available to you and we can collect DNA samples from most countries in the world.

Our DNA immigration test is accepted by the UK boarder force and immigration services in the UK and can help with your UK immigration application.

UK border agency approved immigration testingWe have helped thousands of Netherlandsn citizens acheive UK citizen status with our DNA immigration test.

We also undertake a large number of DNA relationship testing cases for private customers who require evidence of relationship to support their immigration and visa applications, or as part of an appeal against a decision based upon a disputed relationship.

Fully Acredited Immigration Testing

Our Netherlands immigration testing is fully court approved and accredited. Our expert laboratory appears on the MOJ list of approved Netherlands laboratories so you can be sure that the results yoiur receiving at 100% accurate.

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DNA Immigration Test

We can help you with your visa application with our DNA immigration test. Fully approved by the UK home office. DNA Immigration Testing