Netherlands Paternity Testing

more infoThis DNA paternity test is used purely for your own information to give you the answers you need regarding the paternity of a child.

The best Netherlands Paternity testing Service

What makes our Netherlands paternity test stand out from the crowd?

  • Find out if your the father of a child
  • We test the Mother, Child & Alleged Father
  • Get your paternity test results the next working day
  • 100% accurate and confidential testing service
  • UK based laboratory and help desk
  • All paternity test collection kits sent to your home using discreet packaging
  • We are a UKAS accredited testing laboratory
  • The only testing provider accredited for DNA testing using 24 markers (the most accurate testing in the world)
  • We are the most trusted laboratory by solicitors in the UK for paternity testing
  • We employ the very latest DNA technology to ensure our genetic testing is first class
  • We test all our negative results twice

8/10 Other paternity testing laboratories are not UK based

Most of the other DNA paternity testing laboratories are not based in Netherlands and not even the UK and some do not even do their own paternity testing – they outsource this DNA testing to laboratories outside of the UK.

This could be a problem if your looking for accuracy in one of the most important tests you will ever take - this paternity test could change your life for ever.

Legal Paternity Testing

more infoDo you need a legal paternit test for the CSA (child support agency) or for a child custody case? If so then you will need a legal paternity test.

This is the only type of test that you can use in a UK court of law as the samples are not taken by you. You will need an indipendent third party to take your DNA samples. We can provide you this sarvice too as we have a UK wide network of fully qualified company nurses at the ready to take your Legal paternity test samples.

How to order your paternity test

To order your paternity test please please call: 0333 600 1300 or contact us today.

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To order your testing service please call: 0333 600 1300 or contact us today.
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